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What is Counselling?

Counselling  provides you with a safe, private and confidential place to talk about your life. This can allow you to talk to someone who is trained to listen to attentively to you. During this time you can discuss anything in your life that may be painful, confusing or troubling you.

People are often concerned about how the process of therapy will affect them. The affect therapy will have on you may not be the same as someone else starting therapy as the affect varies between person to person. It is a very individual process. You may sometimes find it is necessary to talk about feelings, decisions or life events that are painful, difficult or upsetting. This may mean that you might go through a period of time when you feel worse. However, therapy should enable you to feel better in the long-run.


What Can Counsellors Treat?

Counselling can help with problems such as anxiety, depression as well as addictions and phobias. If you have a specfic problem you would like help with and are not sure if we can help please get in touch either by email or phone and we will be happy to help you. For more information about therapy the British association for Counselling and Pschyotherapy has a wealth of information.


Our Counsellors

Nicola Landless

Nicola Landless

Humanistic Counsellor

Nicola works here Monday to Friday
Nicci Alder

Nicci Alder


Nicci works here Monday to Friday.

Esther Limberg-Birks

Esther Limberg-Birks

Fusion Theraputic Life Coach

Esther works here on a Saturday and is available select weekdays on request.

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