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Greg Pullum
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Whether returning from sporting injury, or continuing with normal daily life and hobbies, a well-constructed rehabilitation programme will boost your chances of long-term success and minimise risk of re-injury.

Set a Goal and make it S.M.A.R.T

  • Keep goals SPECIFIC, such as ‘run for 5km.’
  • Keep them MEASURABLE to track progress – (set a time, distance or repetition level).
  • Are goals ATTAINABLE and REALISTIC? – don’t set the bar too high too soon!
  • Lastly, keep them TIME SPECIFIC to check progress periodically.

Pace Yourself

Start gently as injury or chronic pain causes us to be a bit more de-conditioned and stiff than normal.

BE REASSURED: our bodies are highly trainable structures, and with a month or two of applied exercise, remarkable results are possible.

Prepare your Environment

To boost chances of success, consider:

  • Footwear
  • Ergonomic Aids for sport and daily function
  • Optimise pain relief MEDICATION through Pharmacist or GP
  • Lastly, RECONFIGURE work, living and exercise spaces to suit YOU.

Prepare your Body

Spend at least 5 minutes on a Warm up.  

  • REGULAR SETS: Better movement patterns develop with regular repeats. EYE ON POSTURE: Ensure a neutral body position of shoulders and spine. IMPROVE BODY RESILIENCE to sport and daily life by including various types of exercise.
  • GENERAL FITNESS (walking, jogging, swimming, cycling etc),
  • Include FUNCTIONALLY SPECIFIC exercises: applied body weight squats or lunges can be great for strength and balance.

Still struggling? Seek Expert Advice.

Greg is a highly experienced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, used to successfully treating a wide variety of issues such sports injury, neck and back pain/sciatica, shoulder impingement/rotator cuff problems, post surgery rehab, hip/groin and knee strain, ankle sprain, tennis/golfers elbow, work related postural pain or repetitive strain injuries.

If you have any questions or need any information then please get in touch on 01635 791 301 or visit the contact us page.

Warm wishes,

The Total Health Team

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