Jo Waterford

Jo Waterford

Jo Waterford


Jo Waterford

With over 20 years experience, Jo first trained in Massage in 1999 then
continued on with Aromatherapy and Reflexology.

Her extensive training has taken her to advanced courses which include Fertility and Pregnancy treatments, and her main focus of work is in women’s health, which includes helping women to conceive by assisting the body into balance, through her therapies.

Her love and passion for her therapies has never waned and Jo believes in the complete holistic approach to treating all her clients, helping to improve their wellbeing.

Jo is looking forward to working at Total Health where it has a calm energy about it in lovely surroundings.

Reflexology is a wonderful relaxing therapy that promotes wellbeing by helping the body reduce stress. It is a non invasive treatment that is tailored to suit every clients needs. A recent study has shown that reflexology is as affective as pain killers which is wonderful.

During treatment, the hormone oxytocin is released , this is known as the cuddle hormone and it has a wonderful effect on the body. In fertility, Reflexology helps to improve the reproductive system, balances hormones and improves function of the monthly cycle. In pregnancy this wonderful therapy helps to prepare the mother to be or the birth, research has shown that with regular appointments, it helps to reduce labour time, although this is very different for everyone.

Massage and Aromatherapy the two combined together, takes any massage treatment to do a different level, due to association with smell and the chemistry effects of the power of essential oils.

Massage is wonderful as it aids the muscles to release from tension, it helps calm the nervous system and aids relaxation. Aromatherapy oils help reduce anxiety and stress, depression and insomnia and work really well to help reduce any pain or inflammation in the body.

During pregnancy massage helps reduce muscle tension and supports the muscular system during this very special time. Treatments in pregnancy, are generally carried out after the first trimester and mandarin essential oil is used as it helps reduce stretch marks, and is one of a few safe essential oils to use in pregnancy.

Clinic Hours

Friday  2.30pm-5pm

Other hours available on request

 Clinic Fees

Reflexology £50 60 Minutes

Maternity & Fertility Reflexology £50 60 Minutes

Pregnancy Massage £50 60 Minutes

Aromatherapy & Deep Tissue Massage 45 Minutes £40 60 Minutes £50

Indian Head Massage 45 Minutes £40

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 30 Minutes £35

To book an appointment

Call 079543 38405 to speak to Jo



Telephone:  01635 791 301

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