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The menopause is a natural part of life for women, it’s part of the cycle of life, but it’s not always easy to cope with the menopause and its symptoms.

Hot flushes, disrupted sleep, mood swings

the list goes on!

Hypnotherapy can help with some of the symptoms, by using a gentle and natural approach.

Psychological approaches, like Hypnotherapy can help women to adapt, to cope and to look forward to the rest of their lives in a natural way.

At Natural Minds we offer gentle Hypnotherapy techniques that can alleviate some of the symptoms of the menopause, including anxiety and stress, without the use of medication. Hot flushes can be reduced in their intensity, as can night sweat and you can feel in control of your life once again. Hypnotherapy can even be used to help you rebuild your self-confidence after experiencing this big life change.

Using Hypnotherapy can also help with Insomnia, one of the most difficult symptoms of the menopause to manage.

Life can feel really tough when your normal sleep pattern is disrupted continually.

In 2016, the British Medical Journal published a review of alternative treatments for depression and anxiety, symptoms of the menopause. The review concluded that cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy were the only two alternative treatments that they could recommend as being effective in reducing some of the symptoms, of the menopause. Research has also shown that once-weekly sessions of hypnosis, with women also practising hypnosis at home, can help women to reduce the effects of hot flushes.

Going through the menopause can feel as though you are in a negative cycle, but Hypnotherapy can help to break the cycle and restore some equilibrium to your life helping you to find your happy place once again.

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