Therapies to help ease your mind and deal with your troubles


At Total Health West Berkshire we have several different therapies to help you deal with the stresses and strains of daily life, as well as more recognised problems such as anxiety and depression.

We can find the right therapist to help you through the problems you are facing and get you out the other side. If you need any help deciding which therapy is right for you simply give our friendly reception team a call, or email us if you prefer.

All of our therapists will be happy to talk to you before you start therapy to make sure they are the right person to help you.

Latest from the Blog

The Soul – Who are we really?

Author:AnneMarie SmellieDetective of the Mind Are we independant of our bodies and progressing somewhere when our bodies have finished with their use? This is a question that many people have posed over their lifetimes - but what is the truth? According to Einstein...

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The Six Pillars of Grieving

Author:Vanessa DentBluelavender Counselling Losing a loved one whether sudden or at the end of a prolonged illness is a painful experience.  Facing this pain is counter intuitive – off course you would roll onto the side with no wound.  It’s not however the...

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Is your bra affecting your health?

Author:Mel HarrisonMel Harrison Osteopath Did you know that 70-80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? AND Did you know a badly fitted bra can have long term effects on your health? How? When a bra doesn’t fit correctly, it offers little to no support and over...

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