Therapies to help ease your mind and deal with your troubles


At Total Health West Berkshire we have several different therapies to help you deal with the stresses and strains of daily life, as well as more recognised problems such as anxiety and depression.

We can find the right therapist to help you through the problems you are facing and get you out the other side. If you need any help deciding which therapy is right for you simply give our friendly reception team a call, or email us if you prefer.

All of our therapists will be happy to talk to you before you start therapy to make sure they are the right person to help you.

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Top 5 Tips for Career Coaching Yourself

Author:Gemma McCraeProsperity Kitchen As a Coach, I’m continually working with my Client’s to ensure that their career excellence is achieved with pleasure and without the need for aggressive competition. If you’re serious about your career, then my number once...

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Reflexology and Hayfever

Author: Leonie RemingtonLKR Therapies Unfortunately for many spring means the arrival of itchy eyes, blocked sinuses, a runny nose and a tight feeling in the chest! When you have a hay fever attack, it is your body having an allergic reaction to a substance, commonly...

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Reframing Loneliness

Author:Vanessa DentBluelavender Counselling When we feel shame around loneliness we can also look at this feeling as the body's protective mechanism We are designed to be social creatures from birth and need community to survive. As soon as a baby is born it learns to...

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