Ben Fedrick – Injury Therapist

Ben Fedrick - Injury Therapist

Ben Fedrick - Injury Therapist

Ben Fedrick Injury Therapy

Ben Fedrick Injury Therapy has been involved in helping individuals improve and eradicate the unpleasant experience of lower back pain, hip, knee and ankle issues, neck, upper back and shoulder problems amongst other chronic complaints.

The combination of various skills acquired through qualifications in Sports Science, Sports Massage, Neurokinetic Therapy, Anatomy in Motion and Primal Movement Patterns have led to Ben’s development of a unique approach to assess and treat the body holistically (as one unit). Using these tools to work alongside people from all walks of life, helping them develop rehabilitation programmes suited to them as an individual.

Although unconventional, the ‘Ben Fedrick Injury Therapy’ approach is simple in its logic.  Anatomy texts teach that the body is made up of individual muscles and joints, which never interact with one another, however this is not how human beings work and function.

The idea that a foot or a leg do not move in isolation, that the foot effects the skull, the leg effects the shoulder, the liver moves as the body moves, the heart pumps and the diaphragm sucks in air, how a nervous system conducts and the cardiovascular system nourishes – a foot step that is repeated thousands of times a day.

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