Sarah Court – Bowen Therapist

Sarah Court BSc BTAA

Sarah Court BSc BTAA

Bowen Therapist

Sarah Court Bowen Therapy

Prior to specialising in the Bowen Technique, I studied higher chemistry and a biology degree. I used these qualifications mostly in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industries, but knew I wanted to do more to help people directly. I therefore trained as a Bowen Therapist back in 2005 and am still amazed at how it can change people’s lives.

Bowen Therapy (or Technique) is a muscle release therapy using rolling type moves on skin or through light clothing: it is extremely gentle yet has the potential to help so many health problems. For example, it may help treat back pain and shoulder problems, yet also migraines, bowel and fertility issues.

I also keep myself busy with two young children and I volunteer at a fantastic local charity, which has specialised gym equipment for people with disabilities.

Clinic Hours

Wednesday   9.30am – 2.30pm

Thursday 9.30am – 2.30pm and 6pm – 9pm

      Friday     6pm – 9pm

Clinic Fees

Initial consultation and Follow up appointments 1 hour for adults = £45
Inital consultation and Follow up appointments 1 hour concessions* = £40
*concession price available to students

To book an appointment

Call us on 01635 791 301

Visit Sarah Court Bowen Therapy website

For more information email us

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