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Esther Limberg-Birks
Fusion Therapeutic Coach

What if I had a magic spell, one that could erase debilitating emotions linked with bad experiences would you believe me?

When I trained as a Fusion Therapeutic Coach I had no idea that I would also learn magic. Every time I use the Rewind technique I am in awe of just how effective it is, I never take it for granted and within one or two sessions my client goes from gritted teeth, clenched fists, squirming in their seat to a smile of disbelief and joy as they recall the event with literally no negative emotion.

The beauty is that they do not have to tell me about the incident, no re-living the pain, shame and discomfort, their secret can stay with them if they wish and me as their Coach does not have to relive it with them, we are both safe.

Mental Health is thankfully becoming an open topic but along with it comes confusion and stories of the extreme, where do we sit on the scale?

Do we need to ‘man up’.

Is this just life stuff that we have to accept and move on or is professional help required?

Of course I am going to say seek professional help, it’s my business after all, what I will say is cliche but if you are sad more than you are happy, if you feel exhausted and overwhelmed, if you do not like yourself or your life then you are doing yourself a disservice, being happy is your birthright so do everything in your power to embrace happiness and live.  Why take the long, hard road when I can show you a short cut!

When we hear of PTSD most of us think of war veterans, domestic violence or rape victims, which is understandable and the Rewind Technique is very effective in these instances but there are plenty of situations where the Rewind Technique is often life changing, here are some less traumatic examples of successful Rewinds in my experience:

  • Redundancy
  • Bullied at work
  • A hurtful argument
  • A car accident (no one was injured)
  • Witnessing a loved one in extreme pain
  • Parents giving a negative and hurtful comment
  • A disastrous interview

It can be as simple as an incident that leaves a footprint, something that was experienced in the past but it is having an effect on you now, whether that be anger, fear, anxiety, panic or a feeling of low confidence. We are all carrying around old stuff that is not serving a purpose but the beauty is that we can rid ourselves of that and live lighter and freer.

Your brain is wired to keep you safe and alive, it is not being difficult and your brain is designed to keep you alive and for no logical reason it is holding onto this memory for safe keeping, you might need it again, it will keep popping up as a reminder that you survived.

In one or two sessions we can unharness the memory from the emotion and file it away for safe keeping, you will be able to retrieve it but it will no longer cause you distress, now that is magic!

The STOP System®

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Warm wishes,

The Total Health Team

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