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Wednesday Meditation Classes at Total Health West Berkshire 6:30pm - 7:30pm on the following dates: 1st April 8th April 15th April 22nd April Held at Total Health West Berkshire. Meditation is the experience of complete inner silence and peace where the individual (I) dissolves into the universal whole; and it is the technique or practice that helps to achieve this state.

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Many of us experience this quite naturally when we are focused or concentrated, usually on a creative project, or when we are sitting quietly surrounded by nature. It is at that moment when the thinking subsides and we are totally and completely in the present, when all sense of separation dissolves and there is a complete unity with all beings and all things – the birds flying above, the earth beneath your feet,  even the sound of the earth beating, to the flower in your hand. We may have had this experience and not known how to express the moment into words, through the doorway of meditation this part of ourselves becomes alive and we begin to see life through different eyes. Meditation is an invaluable tool for healing – traditional yogis who use relaxation and meditation techniques are known to reduce their risk of cardiovascular and nervous diseases by up to 80 percent. Meditation and Medication comes from the same root “to care “and “to cure” There any many different Meditation techniques but they have the same basis, each is a means to calm and quieten the mind, then the body follows automatically. By focusing your attention inward on an object or thought, such as breath, a candle, mantra or sound, or the development of an emotion like Loving Kindness, or forgiveness thus giving the mind something to do so that the constant turmoil of thoughts, scenarios or concerns begin to settle. Beneath the thoughts are even deeper layers of inner quiet, creative energy and clarity. The object of meditation is to see but without attachment, to witness to ourselves. At times we may feel we are witness to an enormous drama, and other times it may get very quiet and we hear a different silence that comes from inside. Simply witnessing brings ALL of our energy into the present moment. Nothing else is going on, nothing else exists. In this space, it is joyful. A surrendering of resistance, a letting go of chaos. There is no right or wrong way to practice meditation, therefore no reason to berate yourself for not having a ‘good’ mediation for either thinking too much, for not being able to keep still, or for getting distracted. Trying to make the mind become quiet is impossible; that would be like trying to catch the wind. The mind becomes quiet on its own when we stop struggling. It is advisable to start by meditating with a teacher, so you become accustomed to a form of practice or technique that suits you. Many people enjoy meditating in a group to intensify their experience before they continue their own practice. If you would like to start meditating, connecting and having fun join a group for 4 weeks. Contact me for further information. Or book directly with Total Health. Looking forward to meditating with you. Tracy Hughes Email tracy@meditationinlife.co.uk Mobile: 07598197182

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