Total Health Podcast with Rosie Piercy

We were blessed to receive Sarah Fishburn on this episode of Total Health with Rosie Piercy Podcast. 

Sarah Fishburn runs supportive organisation of “Pelvic Partnership.”

The Pelvic Partnership provide women and healthcare professionals with information about best practice for the treatment and management of pregnancy-related PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain), and to enable and empower women to access the right treatment.

If you have encountered PGP during your pregnancy, struggled with PGP in the past or you are perhaps interested in gaining insights into PGP you will find this an informative listen.


We cover topics such as;

What you can and can’t do with PGP

What is normal and what is not

Family life, relationships and PGP

Common misconceptions around PGP

How much PGP effects how you give birth

Best piece of advice ever given in relation to PGP



  • Friends and family booklet


  • Other helpful related organisations