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Leonie Remington
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Unfortunately for many spring means the arrival of itchy eyes, blocked sinuses, a runny nose and a tight feeling in the chest!

When you have a hay fever attack, it is your body having an allergic reaction to a substance, commonly seasonal pollen at this time of year.

The body’s immune system overreacts by creating more histamine than is needed, which results in the symptoms you experience.

Reflexology can be a great way to help support the body through the hay fever season. 

 It is based on the understanding that all the body’s systems and organs are mapped out on the feet. By massaging specific points, known as reflexes, it can help to calm and relax the body and in turn support the natural processes and functions of the body. 

The specific reflexes that are important to work for hay fever sufferers are:

  • The sinuses – located on the balls of the toes
  • The eyes and ears – located on the toes
  • The chest and lungs – located on the ball of the foot
  • The solar plexus/diaphragm – located in the centre of the ball of the foot
  • The adrenal glands – half way up the inner edge of the foot in line with the big toe
  • The spleen – on the left of the foot, half way up the outer edge in line with the 4th/5th toes

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