Reopening Our Clinic

Total Health West Berkshire

From Thursday 21st of May 2020 we will be reopening Total Health West Berkshire.

This page is designed to explain the changes we have made in clinic and in the way in which we use clinic to help reduce the risk of transmission of the Coronavirus.

We have a wide variety of therapists working from the clinic and when they return varies on advice from the the UK Government and their professional associations.

Currently we have the following therapists offering appointments in the clinic for urgent care only.

To book an appointment please contact the therapist you would like to see or call us on 01635 791301 or contact us.

Whilst we were Closed

Since we went into Lockdown we have been working behind the scenes to get the clinic ready to reopen. We have some videos below to show you changes we have made to reduce the risk of any possible transmission of the Coronavirus and how entering and exiting clinic has changed .

Please take a moment to watch them before you book your appointment and make your way to the clinic.


Changes we have made


This next video shows you how we have changed how you enter and leave the clinic.

You will notice at the end that I leave my mask on.

You have two choices when you leave the clinic – keep your mask on (especially if its your own) or wash your hands, take off your mask and then wash your hands again before leaving the clinic.


We look forward to seeing you at Total Health West Berkshire.

If you have any questions at all please do get in touch.

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