Tracy James - Audiologist

Tracy James - Audiologist

Tracy James has over 20 years’ experience working in both private and NHS audiology services and she specialises in adult hearing care and children’s hearing services.

Since opening her independent hearing clinic in Newbury in 2018, hundreds of people across West Berkshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire have visited Tracy for ear wax removal, hearing tests, hearing aid supply and fitting, and tinnitus services.

Louise has worked as an audiologist for 30 years and she specialises in tinnitus rehabilitation, complex adult hearing loss, and paediatric audiology.

A message from Tracy: “I decided to run an independent audiology service for many reasons. The main one being that I really wanted to have that continuity with my patients. When fitting hearing aids and managing individuals’ needs, it’s the best scenario if you can see the same person each time; I think that gives you the best care.

For children, this is also true – particularly when liaising with the family around the child, and if you need to work in parallel with other healthcare professionals.

First and foremost I’m an audiologist and I’m concerned with hearing and ear health. I’m not from a sales background and my focus will be about doing what’s right for the individual. Many people that come to me have already tried the NHS first and for whatever reason this route has not worked for them.

Other people have tried high street hearing care, and not had the after care or quality of provision that they expected. I will always be honest regarding expectations of hearing benefit from amplification, considering the hearing loss, dexterity, the health, size and shape of your ears and other factors.

As an independent audiologist, I can offer hearing aids to suit the individual. Many of the high street hearing care chains, and some of the larger independent hearing stores are tied to contracts with (or even owned by) specific manufacturers.

At Tracy James Hearing we can choose hearing aids de pending on your needs. For example – some clients may need hearing aids that can connect with several Bluetooth devices for busy working schedules. Other clients, their preference may be the most natural-sounding, or perhaps the smallest device possible for the ear.

Our aim is a personalised service of hearing care and our range of hearing aid options available, supports this notion. This is why home visits are also available for those who can’t leave the house easily.

To complement my services, I also offer ear wax removal via microsuction or irrigation. If you have hearing aids that you’ve purchased from me – this service is free of charge.

Nearly all my hearing aids come with a 5-year warranty to give you the confidence that I’m prepared to support you and your hearing aids for that period and beyond”.

Reasons to choose TJH

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Ear examination, hearing test and consideration of hearing aids. A hearing test costs £30, however you will not be charged if you go on to purchase hearing aids or if you already have hearing aids us.
Examination and assessment of the external and middle ear and advice as required. Check for wax build-up or other abnormalities of the ear.
When you have ear wax removal at Tracy James Hearing the audiologist will choose the most appropriate method for you. To ascertain this, we’ll obtain a detailed history and carry out an examination of the ear. For all procedures we use binocular magnification of the outer ear.

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