Well Person Health Check

Well Person Health Check

Every so often we wonder how healthy we actually are.
What is our risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes?
That is where our Total Health Well Person Health Check comes in.

It is a bit of a MOT to find out what the state of your overall health is and to discover your personalised risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes.

During the appointment you will have your individual cardiovascular risk (risk of getting conditions related to the heart or circulation), stroke and diabetes calculated and explained to you. We can even tell you if your healthy heart age is older or younger than you are.
Included in each appointment is personalised advice on the action you can take to improve your results.

Armed with this information, you can then make changes to your diet and your lifestyle – either on your own or with the help of the team of clinicians we have at Total Health. We want to help you be as healthy as you can be.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The total cost of the well person check is £99 and includes the blood test and the assessment appointment.

No, we need to schedule the blood tests before the assessment appointment so that we can use the results of the blood tests to assess your personalised risk. Ideally the appointments are 5-7 days apart.

The blood tests that are included in this appointment are:

  • U&E
  • Liver range Panel
  • Lipid Panel Range
  • HaBa1C

No, you do not need health insurance. You can simply pay for the treatment you need. Please see our pricing section above for more information.

These checks are designed for people over the age of 40.

For all well person checks we write to your NHS GP with the results and we will highlight any results that may need further investigation in that letter. You can also book an appointment with our private GP if you wish to discuss your results with a doctor.

Yes, you can have your results retested but we recommend that you wait at least 4 months so that the results of the changes you have made can be detected in the blood tests.

What happens at the Total Health Well Person Check?

The health check takes place over two appointments. At the first ten minute appointment is a blood test that can show your chances of getting heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and diabetes.

Your second appointment will be scheduled for 5 – 7 days later and lasts about 30 minutes and will include a report of your blood test, calculation of your BMI and your vital signs will be taken.

The health professional (usually a nursing associate or healthcare assistant) will then ask you some questions about your lifestyle and family history, measure your height and weight, calculate your BMI and take your blood pressure and other vital signs.

When all these details have been taken we can use that information along with the QRisk3 programme to calculate:

  • Your risk of heart attack or stroke in the next 10 years
  • Your health heart age (whether that is older or younger than you actually are!)

Further Information

After the appointment you will be given advice on how to improve your risk this can include advice on exercise and diet.

If you need further advice then we can recommend an appointment with our private GP Dr Cave or our dietitian.
We will send a report of your well person check to your NHS GP.


Our Clinicians

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