Jade Womersley – She/Her

Ear Wax Remover

Jade Womersley – She/Her

Having completed her training with UK Microsuction in 2022, Jade has been providing ear wax removal in client’s homes in Oxford and the surrounding area through Mircosuction Oxfordshire.  She has had an interest in ear health after suffering many issues with her ears that were helped greatly by microsuction. Jade has a passion for educating people on ear health and is excited to share that at Total Health Berkshire.

She offers safe ear wax removal after a consultation using:

·      Microsuction
·      Warm Water Irrigation
·      Manual

Jade has previously worked for the NHS as a support worker on mental health wards, as a research assistant working with children with behavioural issues and as a University administrator.

In her spare time she enjoys walking her dogs, playing guitar and making things on the sewing machine.