Louise Hart


Louise Hart

Louise has worked as an audiologist for the last 30 years, qualifying in Perth Australia. She has spent the last 19 years working in the UK and first worked with Tracy in Brighton in 2004. Over that time, she found her niche in tinnitus rehabilitation and counselling and work with complex adults hearing loss/and or additional needs. Along with work in bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA) and paediatric audiology. Another strong focus has been on improving standards and education in adult audiology; and the quality of services and information for people with hearing loss.

Louise has been integral to her services’ IQIPs accreditation (best practice standards), when Adult Service Lead for the Hearing and Balance Department at King Edward VII Hospital Windsor. Louise has also sat on the Services Quality Committee of the British Academy of Audiology and was involved in editing and collating of the initial audiology quality standards, and an assessor and supervisor for the University of Southampton BSc in Audiology programme for many years.

Louise also worked from 2014-2017 as an Audiology Specialist for Royal National Institute for the Deaf. Part of this role, was to make hearing loss research accessible to that outside audiology through fact sheets, talks and the media and to ensure that the voice of those with hearing loss was heard.

Louise always wanted to live in the UK, finally in 2003 she got her wish. Living in Lewes in East Sussex from 2004-14 where she loved walking the downs and found a love of foraging, and making her own jams and growing vegetables.

In 2014 she moved to Newbury and from 2016 started doing the occasional day to help Tracy with her business, until finally in 2022 she came to work for Tracy almost full time running the Training business and supporting in wax removal services.

In 2023 she is now full time with Tracy, and she has acquired an allotment too!