AnneMarie Smellie
AnneMarie Smellie
Detective of the Mind

Are we independant of our bodies and progressing somewhere when our bodies have finished with their use?

This is a question that many people have posed over their lifetimes – but what is the truth?

According to Einstein everything is energy, we exist in parallel universes (very metaphysical!) but what does this mean to us now. The truth is that there are many many layers to us and it is too difficult for the mere human mind to comprehend.

All we need to know is that we can connect with the energy around us and re-distribute our path – in other words “take control” and demand/ask/decide that we can be something more than we are.

It comes down to belief, belief that we have the ability to do this – we all do.

If you think you can, you can!

There is no-one else who can help you at this level. No-one else is living in your head, your mind. Only YOU.  So listen, support and decide who you wish to become. We can all do this. It just takes faith, belief that it is possible.

So many things in life may seem unattainable – but watch, listen, observe, because there are others out there in the world who have already achieved the unobtainable.

It takes focus, desire, imagination and true faith in oneself. Wow! Wouldn’t that be so fantastic to have such belief in oneself – it is possible for everyone – there are no boundaries, no limitations – everything is possible, if you believe, conceive and take action. There will be failures but you continue, you persevere, until you reach that pinnacle.

Everything starts with You.

What you are observing in life comes from within you. We are all powerful, creative beings. Too often we observe the worst, the negative, the destructive. CHANGE. Pick on the positive, observe the majesty of nature, the perfection of all that is. The perfection that is you. Dream, dream big, dream with wonder, desire and belief  – and all will come to fruition – not necessarily in the precise way you may imagine, but change will occur.

I use my abilities as a hypnotherapist to help you create the change, to take you away from the old patterns into new more sustainable ones. Why not see how it can help you…..

If you have any questions or need any information then please get in touch on 01635 791 301 or visit the contact us page.

Warm wishes,

The Total Health Team

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