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Verruca (or verrucae if there are more than one), is the term given to describe a wart on the foot.

They can present as a singular lesion or as multiple lesions often in a mosaic pattern.

The virus can be found everywhere, but when there is a break in the skin, the virus can enter your body and present as a verruca.

In most cases they aren’t painful, but if a lot of callus builds up over the top or it is situated on a high-pressure area then they can become painful.

Is it because I have a weakened immune system?

No, latest research suggests in most cases the body isn’t aware of the verruca because of where it develops. So, in essence your body doesn’t know it’s there!

Are Warts contagious?

Yes – they are but you need a break in the surface of the skin to allow the virus to enter your body. This can be non-slip tiles at the swimming pool or even walking barefoot on hard flooring at home can cause minor abrasions to the surface of the skin which allows the virus in. For this reason, the risk of you “catching” them from another member of your family is low. You would first need a break in the surface of the skin as described above, along with skin to skin contact to allow the transfer of the virus.

What can I do to get rid of them?

Some verrucae will go on their own in a matter of weeks and in some cases it can take decades! There are many different treatments available including topical agents available over the counter, topical agents from a podiatrist, freezing or cryotherapy, Needling or microwave treatment.

Swift Microwave treatment

Developed in the UK, swift® uses microwave energy to treat the verruca in a very precise and controlled way. Treatment takes seconds with the main benefit being there is no need for any anaesthetic or dressings, and you can continue to your normal activities straight away.

The microwave energy is delivered directly to the verruca at a predetermined depth. This means that, unlike other treatments, there is no damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. It heats the skin by around 4 degrees, targeting the water molecules and destroying the infected viral cells.

How successful is it?

Unlike other treatments available (acids, cryotherapy, needling), swift® targets the cells which cause the verruca. This creates an immune response. Because of this, it has the highest success rate of all of the treatments available.

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