Gait Scan Orthotics

About our service at Total Health West Berkshire.

Do you have pain in your feet, ankles, knees or hips?

Are you suffering from foot pain such as plantar fasciitis, arthritic pain in your knees? Do you find that your feet, ankle, knees or hips are painful after standing, walking or taking part in sports? You may benefit from custom made orthotics.

How do custom made orthotics work?

Orthotics can help improve the biomechanics of your feet by supporting the arches and stabilising the bones of your feet, which brings the muscles, and bones back into alignment.

Off-the-shelf or custom made- is there a difference?

Off the shelf orthotics are mass produced, give general arch support and are good as an introduction. They are not bespoke insoles and will not be customised to your needs. Prescription orthotics are custom made to meet individual needs. They are made of more durable, better quality materials and have a longer life span.

Because they are custom made insoles people notice more of an improvement over the generic, off the shelf orthotics. If you have started out in off the shelf orthotics and have noticed some improvement. You may find upgrading to custom orthotic insoles will give further benefits.

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