Speech Therapy

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Tor Spence - VoiceFit UK

Speech and Language Therapist

Tor is a voice specialist speech therapist with 16 years of clinical experience. She has worked for the NHS in Berkshire and Oxfordshire and runs a private practice, VoiceFit. She specialises working with adults and children with voice and upper airway disorders.

This includes voice change, throat symptoms, chronic cough and breathing problems associated with the upper airway. She works closely with ENT and respiratory services, physiotherapists, vocal massage experts, psychologists and counselors. 

She has extensive experience in the treatment of throat symptoms and has done further training including Laryngeal Manual Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Lee Silverman Voice Training, Accent Method and direct laryngoscopy. 

She runs in person and online training courses for speech and language therapists who want to specialise in voice and enjoys mentoring therapists and students. 

She is passionate about empowering and educating patients to manage their symptoms with confidence and prevent avoidable vocal symptoms or injuries. 

Tor is a provider for all major UK health insurers. 

She can accept referrals from insurance companies, GPs, Ear Nose and Throat doctors, respiratory physicians and self-referrals from patients.