West Berkshire Physiotherapy Thatcham

About Our Thatcham Physiotherapy Service At Total Health West Berkshire.

Physiotherapy involves the assessment and management of a variety of conditions including:

Sports Injuries

Repetitive Strain

Back, Upper Limb Or Lower Limb Pain

Tendon Or Ligament Issues

Shoulder Impingement

ACL Injuries

Tennis & Golfer's Elbow


Nerve Pain

Whiplash Associated Disorder

What happens in my first appointment

Your physio will ask you questions about your symptoms as well as information about your past medical history and your lifestyle. They will then carry out an examination and discuss a treatment plan with you.

What kind of treatment techniques do physios use?

Treatments include rehabilitation regimes including Graded Exercise, Manual Therapy Techniques, Soft Tissue Release, Dry Needling, Taping, Electrotherapy, Education to promote understanding your problem and return to pain free function.
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