Treatment & Recovery Programme

At Total Health West Berkshire we are excited to be offering our Treatment & Recovery Programme to help you return from Sports Injuries.

Whether you are a keen sports person, weekend sports warrior or just love your outdoor activities there is one thing no one wants and that is a sports injury that stops you from getting out and doing the sports and activities you love.

Whether it is a niggling injury that stops your performing at your best or makes you head for home sooner than you would like or a more serious sports injury that has completely stopped you in your tracks we know the most important thing for you is to get back to fitness and back to your favourite sport as soon as possible.

We know that any delay in getting back to your sport will not only affect your performance and health but can affect your mood.

Which is why we have created our treatment and recovery programme.

It is designed to be tailored individual 1-1 care over several weeks to get the treatment, rehab and recovery programme you need to help get you back to your sport and on the road to recovery.

Treatment & recovery programme £299

1 x 1 hour initial assessment

5 x 50 minute follow up appointments


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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This programme starts with an hour long initial assessment followed by 5 further 50 minute follow up appointment sessions. Each session will include sports therapy treatment and advice on exercises training schedules which will be reviewed and updated as you progress and improve.

This programme is suitable for anyone with a sports injury and is looking for treatment so they can return to their sport.

No, the programme is uniquely tailored to you so it is suitable for any area.

Yes, this programme includes hands-on treatment as well as advice on exercise and rehabilitation.

If you are not in pain or have an old injury that needs exercises and rehab more than hands on treatment then our prevention and progression programme may be more suitable for you. You can find details of our Prevention and progression programme here. Or you can give us a call to discuss it 01635 791 301 and we can advise you on which appointment is the most suitable for you.