John Dyson – He/Him

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor Young Adults

John Dyson – He/Him

In my Newbury practice I offer face to face counselling for Adults (16+), focusing on those suffering with feelings of anxiety, depression, anger; lacking self-esteem, experiencing relationship or identity issues; including self-harm or addictive behaviour.

I work with my clients to look at and modify the cycles of thoughts, feelings and behaviours which are causing difficulties, both in the present and from experiences in the past. My aim is to help address both short-term issues while working to build psychological understanding, strength and resilience.

This comes from developing self-worth and self-acceptance, helping with coping strategies while looking to develop autonomy.

The usual starting point would be 6 weekly sessions, although this varies from client to client.

My fees are £55 per session. I have some appointments at a reduced rate for those families on low earnings.

Please contact me in the first instance by email. I offer free telephone consultations.